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  • ŠPICA Group and IBCS Group announced a strategic “Three seas Alliance”

    SPICA Group and IBCS Group announced a strategic “Three seas Alliance”


    PR release

    Ljubljana – London, October 15th 2018

    SPICA Group, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for Supply Chain Management and Work Force Management in the Adriatic region and IBCS Group, premier Applications Solutions Integrator in the Enterprise Mobility market in Central Europe have announced a strategic partnership with a goal to globally offer customers a unique combination of services capabilities.

    Members of the Alliance are able to provide comprehensive supply chain management solutions to all countries between the three Seas – Baltic, Adriatic and Black Sea.

    Main Goal of alliance

    “The main goal of the Alliance is to provide the highest level of services to customers in all ten countries of the Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Partnership between these market leaders creates unique highly experienced work-force, coupled with the size and scale of both partners that will help us deliver compelling value to our prestigious customers globally” said Brian Marcel, Chairman of IBCS Group.

    “In the past decade, both partners have grown to be a leading player in their market segments. Bringing SPICA Group and IBCS Group together will give us access to new geographies, and a different magnitude of customer relationship. There is no other organization in Europe that would provide such wide and deep work force and supply chain know-how in such a large area.” said Tone Stanovnik, President of SPICA Group.

    Benefits for the customer

    Thanks to the SPICA-IBCS Alliance customers will gain access to extensive knowledge, experience and leading Supply Chain Management solutions. The SPICA-IBCS Alliance ensures not only the unique solutions that improves the logistics process, but also the maintenance and service at the highest level in the whole region, all in local languages. The combined team of the Alliance now consists of about 300 experts in the field of supply chain management, mobile computing and automatic identification with more than 25 years of experience.

    Contact information

    Igor Fürst
    Head of marketing
    e-mail: igor.furst@spica.com
    Phone: +386 30 648 658

    About IBCS Group

    Throughout Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland Slovakia the IBCS Group is providing end-to-end solutions to increase performance, efficiency and productivity within the enterprise, reduce costs and realize competitive advantage. Members of the IBCS group are IBCS Poland, BCS Bulgaria, IBCS Hungary, Kodys and Kodys Slovensko. The IBCS expert team is a group of about 180 people. The IBCS Group of Companies offer complete solutions and integration around the supply chain.

    Official IBCS Group PR release

    Spica IBCS Alliance

    About SPICA Group

    SPICA Group is the leading provider of digital transformation solutions for Supply Chain Management and Work Force Management in the Adriatic region. Over 100 experts are employed in companies in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje, Podgorica and London. SPICA solutions help to increase the efficiency and agility of processes in the Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics and Retail along the entire value chain. Key business area is also Work Force Management in Hospitality, Banking and Government in whole EMEA market.



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